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Asset Management



We focus on the development of neighborhood and community shopping centers located in high growth suburban areas along with the re-development of older shopping centers. Our team specializes in site identification, land use planning, zoning and plan approvals with a goal of developing projects of only the highest quality.

Projects range from single-tenant properties to large retail and mixed-use centers.



Our resumes include extensive experience in all types and sizes of capital market executions and structured finance transactions, ranging from land acquisition and construction loans to cross-collateralized pools and joint ventures. This experience allows us to evaluate both the financial and real estate aspects of projects in a very sophisticated and well-balanced fashion.












Maintaining a construction and project management team is an integrated part of our business. We seek to maximize our flexibility in the execution of projects, while also maintaining direct control of quality and schedule. This unique combination translates into direct benefits to our tenants and end-users by allowing us to respond to their needs in a timely manner while proving a high-quality product at a competitive price.

Project Management

Third Party Services

Zinkan & Barker Development Co. provides strategic services that maximizes an asset's value at any stage of a property's life-cycle.  This is especially critical in repositioning a distressed asset. On numerous occasions we have been appointed by court order to maximize value of a distressed property or portfolio.

Brokerage & Leasing

We take time to understand our tenants and their business and real estate needs. This hands-on approach has helped us attract well-known national, regional and local companies, such as Walgreen’s, CVS Pharmacy, Chase Bank, Starbuck’s, Fifth Third, Pizza Hut, Sherwin Williams, Donato’s Pizza, Aldi, Ace Hardware and many national specialty shop and food retailers.

Property Management

We develop and operate our properties with long-term ownership and long-term relationships in mind. By employing our own staff to maintain and manage our properties we are able to respond promptly and professionally to any concerns our tenants may have and to provide a quality shopping environment for their customers, and at a cost which is competitive in the marketplace. As a result, over 90% of our tenants have renewed leases with us upon expiration.


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